Provide your clients with an effective investment tool to build a diversified portfolio and get higher returns.
Digital access to fast-growing private companies for brokers, wealth management firms, and private wealth clients
Launchbay Investmant Platform Interface elements
Some of the available investment opportunities
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Honest Bank
We understand your needs
Best price
We work directly with companies, founders and over 10 leading brokers
Primary funding rounds
Participation in primary funding rounds led by Tier-1 VC funds
Price discovery
Regularly updated actual and historical share prices sourced from a number of sellers and buyers
Information rights
Regular investor updates and third-party research to track portfolio companies' performance
Digital deal execution
Submit your bid or indicate interest, execute all deal docs and track portfolio performance online
Full compliance
We strictly follow guidelines and policies to meet regulatory requirements
Digital investment platform built-in with tools and data to access and trade private company stocks
Key Features
  • 1
    Both primary rounds and secondary opportunities
  • 2
    Liquidity for existing positions
  • 3
    Detailed information on companies and funding rounds
  • 4
    Live and updated share prices sourced from number of sellers and buyers
  • 5
    Access to independent third-party research
  • 6
    Digital deal execution
Powered by Digital Horizon
Alan Vaksman Photo
The Launchbay platform is powered by Digital Horizon — a Global Venture Capital company focused on Fintech and B2B software. The venture builder team helps in product development, whilst the fund team provides access to best venture deals alongside leading VC funds.
Alan Vaksman
  • Founder, Managing Partner of Digital Horizon
  • 22+ years in the financial sector
  • Director at YesGrowth UK, SteadyPay, ANNA Money UK
  • Former partner at PWC, ex. Goldman Sachs, First National Bank
  • Co-Founded exits: Factorin, Aximetria
  • VC Exits: Monday (IPO), Lemonade (IPO)
  • Other deals: Klarna, Carta, Trax, Market Kurly, Relativity Space
  • MBA degree from NYU Stern School of business (USA), LSE (UK), HSE (France)
Co-founder of the Launchbay platform
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